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The quality and beauty of CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate has led Kant Arkitekter to select it for Tandrupkollegiet, a modern youth housing located on Vanløse (Denmark). The use of CUPACLAD, our complete rainscreen cladding system in natural slate, adds a touch of urban design to this project, carried out between 2009 and 2012. A sustainable cladding solution […]
A ventilated cladding system is considered to be the most effective solution for thermal insulation: it generates constant air ventilation through the rear of the panel and prevents accumulation of moisture. It is made up of a load-bearing wall, an insulating layer and a coating material fixed to the building, creating an air chamber. CUPACLAD is […]
When thinking about efficiency, the first strategy to apply should be saving energy. It’s important to understand that limiting the waste of energy resources such as internal heating is essential. Thermal insulation is a great solution to reduce energy consumption by preventing heat gain or loss through the building envelope. This reduction of unwanted temperature […]
CUPACLAD natural slate cladding systems have all the advantages of ventilated facades. External thermal insulation provides considerable benefits such as energy efficiency, comfort levels and savings to our home.

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Efficiency and durability are highly demanded in sustainable architecture. Natural materials such as natural slate provide long-life and energy-efficient buildings, with significant advantages according to the inhabitants wishes. A good example of this is Home for Life, the world’s first Active House, designed to produce more energy than it consumes, that used CUPACLAD system to create a rainscreen cladding in natural […]
Vision Arkitekter has been inspired by the durability, ecology and beauty of CUPACLAD for the design of a family house in Aarhus, Denmark. Villa Risskov is a modern and functional project of CUPACLAD 101, a ventilated and invisible facade system with CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate. The unique facade of this building, located on the east coast of […]
CUPACLAD, a ventilated façade system with CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, has renovated Fælledgården care centre, located in Copenhagen (Denmark). These 193 assisted living facilities are an excelent sample of sustainable architecture, converted to a low energy building in accordance to the Danish Building Regulations BR10. The existing dwelling house was transformed by a highly insulated building envelope clad […]
CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate creates a unique look to this 5 storage high building for youth housing in Copenhagen (Denmark). Located on Jyllingevej, this student accommodation project, designed by Kant Arkitekter, uses our innovative installation system CUPACLAD, made for natural slate ventiladed facades.
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