Eight charming hotels sharing a common secret

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Where will your long awaited holiday be? If your time to disconnect has finally arrived, we have prepared eight perfect options for a weekend getaway.

This selection brings together modern and traditional architecture, big cities and remote countryside, but above all, the projects share something that makes them unique: our finest natural slate.

  1. Chelsea Hotel (New York)

    This hotel in Manhattan keeps infinite secrets and has hosted many of the most famous writers, musicians and actors. Even Arthur Miller wrote a story about his experience here.

    chelsea hotel ny usa

    Photos: “The Legendary Chelsea Hotel” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Waywuwei and “Hotel Chelsea” (CC BY 2.0) by TenSafeFrogs.

  2. Marine Hotel (Troon)

    Its views of the Firth of Clyde are hard to beat. On the other side, you can see the historic Royal Troon Golf course, the nine-time host of The Open Championship.

    troon marine hotel uk

  3. Kings House (Glencoe)

    It’s much more than a hotel, as it serves as both a destination and a waypoint for visitors, walkers and climbers. It has been open since 1755 and it was recently renovated.

    kingshouse hotel scotland

  4. Hotel Binet (Paris)

    The city of light and life is the ideal place to showcase the potential of natural slate in modern architecture. A glimpse into the future.

    hotel binet paris

  5. Chambord (Loire Valley)

    An area famous for its history and heritage, full of fortresses and vineyards. This four-star hotel has a privileged view to the most famous castle in the Valley.

    relais chambord france

  6. Lerma Parador (Burgos)

    This ducal palace from the the Hapsburgs era has been converted into a hotel because of its historical, artistical and cultural interest. Do not miss the aerial viwes of the natural slate.

  7. Van der Valk Hotel (Mechelen)

    Mechelen is Flanders’ hidden gem. Churches, monuments and palaces give the city its majestic charm, creating the perfect environment for our natural slate.

    hotel van der valk belgium

  8. Zen Garden (Lake Balaton)

    These bungalows are not technically a hotel, that’s clear, but its comfort and design have still put in the running to the best accommodation.

    zen garden resort hungary

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Which hotel did you like the most? If you prefer the ones with a natural slate façade, you can read more about our CUPACLAD systems. If, on the other hand, roof is your type, we recommend you visit our wide range of roofing natural slate.