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The gable roof has been used successfully in construction since the classic architecture of the Greek and Roman civilizations. It’s the first house the children learn to draw, almost by instinct, a clear sign that simplicity and efficiency last through the ages. Contemporary architecture still uses the gable roof, but usually with some stylistic and […]
The roof might not always be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about home improvements, but it should be a priority as it is the first defence line against weather. So, let’s talk about the reasons why you should replace your old roof and the advantages of doing so. Repairing or replacing […]
This iconic Glasgow building has been saved for future generations! A total roof replacement, has avoided this B-listed dwelling located in Glasgow’s Tradeston area to fall into serious disrepair. Thanks to the building’s factor Speirs Gumley, a group of home and business owners, and grant funding from Glasgow City Council, its Heavy 3 slate roof […]
Did you know that most of the energy is lost due to thermal bridges or lack of isolation? One of the best important solutions to avoid this energy waste is the improvement of cladding and roofing insulation. By improving the energy performance of your home, you save money, boost your home value and contribute to […]

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Nowadays there are so many types and styles of roofing materials that trying to choose the proper one for your roof can be a really tough work. Before taking any decision, you have to take into consideration how long you want your roof to last, if you want it to complement the design of the […]
CUPA HEAVY 3 slate is the best choice for repair and replacement of traditional roofs in Scotland. Ideally suited to combat dampness, our natural slate is widely used on conservation projects.
Fyrtårnet (The Lighthouse) is the first CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate façade in Denmark. Located on Amerika Plads in Copenhagen’s Open Harbour, this residential complex, designed by Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg, used our innovative installation system CUPACLAD, made for natural slate ventilated façades. Our CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate creates a unique and modern look, integrating The Lighthouse as a part of […]

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