Natural slate is a material that never ages: its aesthetics and benefits remain unaltered through time. The comparison with other materials highlights the undeniable advantages of natural slate.

Comparative of materials. Why are the characteristics of natural slate unbeatable?

Every single test carried out confirms that natural slate’s properties are unreachable for other materials. Its elegant appearance remains intact during its entire lifespan and its performance is unrivalled among the alternative roofing and façade products.

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Immutable color

Deterioration of natural slate is unnoticeable to the human eye. Its color remains the same as it did when first installed, even in the coldest environments. Meanwhile, other materials can lose their pigmentation considerably over time.

materials color comparative

Color loss in cold conditions. Comparison before and after 600 frost-thaw cycles*

materials sheen comparative

Permanent sheen

The distinctive sheen of natural slate also remains constant throughout its life cycleCompared to natural slate, other roofing materials ‘ sheen can decrease up to eight times superior, noticeable to even an unexperienced eye.

Sheen loss in marine environments. Compared after 300 frost-thaw cycles*

Maximum resistance

Natural slate is the only material in which its resistance increases over time meaning that natural slate can endure the distance whilst only becoming stronger.

Resistance variation in cold conditions. Compared after 600 frost-thaw cycles*

Healthy soundproofing

Natural slate soundproofs your home better than any other roofing alternative.

Acoustic intensity level produced by the rain in the different roofing materials.*

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Unbeatable lifespan

Natural slate has a lifespan of at least 75 years, which guarantees at least a 30% longer life-span than any other façade or roofing materials.

materials lifespan comparative

Materials lifespan according to the information provided by the manufacturers*

Natural slate
0 mm
Concrete tiles
26 mm
Fibre cement tiles
31 mm
Steel tiles
100 mm on both sides
Aluminium tiles
49 mm on both sides
Zinc tiles
68 mm on both sides

Effective fire protection

The performance tests confirm that natural slate is the roofing material with the best fire resistance. It’s the only solution which does not release smoke or deteriorate when in contact with fire.

Fire performance against fire based on a flammability test carried out according to the norm UNE EN ISO 11925-2 *

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* All these figures are the result of different tests carried out by different authors. You can consult the whole analysis through this link.