Natural slate

Nine cultural buildings with natural slate

An iconic building has the ability to transform an entire city. Cultural constructions have become a showcase of progress, modernity and sophistication. For that reason, we increasingly see spectacular and innovative architectural designs used for museums, theaters or universities.

There is a lot of diversity between the cultural icons of our time, but we have created a list with one element in common: the presence of natural slate. This material is perfectly suitable for both the avant-garde and the classical designs.

  1. Farifield Library (United States)

    Behind the pristine CUPACLAD Parallel façade, readers can find all the classics of universal literature. Natural slate was chosen to protect the library against the harsh weather conditions in Virginia. In addition to its performance, natural slate offers an original finish such as this.
    Farifield Library (United States)

  2. Melun Conservatory of Music (France)

    Close to Paris, this French municipality opted to combine the Dance and Music Schools as part of the city regeneration process. The spectacular contrast between colors and materials that can be seen from the exterior gives you a clue about the majesty of the art represented in the interior.
    Melun Conservatory of Music (France)

  3. Pablo Picasso School (France)

    This educational centre in Châlette-sur-Loing is a functional creation which houses different learning spaces. The eco-friendly building is made with quality and roofed with the classic simplicity of natural slate. A construction which does not undermine the character of the painter.
    Pablo Picasso School (France)

  4. New Hampshire University (United States)

    Universities are temples of knowledge. Life at the campus has never been the same after the construction of this impressive building. The continuity between roof and façade creates a homogeneous cover with the irregularity of the CUPACLAD 101 Random system, which gives a playful touch.
    new hampshire university

  5. Media Library in Monein (France)

    The location of the new Media Library in Monein is not an accident. The building is placed at the heart of the city, sending a powerful message: the desire to put culture at the forefront. The slate roofing protects the structure against the harsh weather and enhances the big window which allows a view of the main reading room.
    Media Library in Monein (France)

  6. Danish National School of Performing Arts (Denmark)

    The best Danish actors, dancers and directors of the last decades have grown under the roof of the National School. When the time arrived to renovate, CUPA 12 slate won the most important award without giving any opportunity to rivals.
    6- Danish National School of Performing Arts (Denmark)

  7. Ry Højskole (Denmark)

    This art school is one of the driving forces of the city. Conferences, debates and concerts fill the center’s cultural agenda, whilst the building follows the Danish University tradition of high ceilings in the Danish University. The four levels of the furnishing are covered with natural slate, with a soft pleat running down the roof.
    Ry Højskole (Denmark)

  8. Welsh Art Gallery (United Kingdom)

    This private Art Gallery in Betws Y Coed shelter from the rainy climate of Wales under a CUPA 4 slate roof. The building respects the tradition of the area, from the design to the product selection. An artwork hosting works of art.
    8- Welsh Art Gallery (United Kingdom)

  9. Scottish Maritime Museum (United Kingdom)

    Which material is capable of covering a museum whilst withstanding the Scottish weather? Heavy 3 slate shines at the Irvine harbor, where we can find this exhibition showing off the naval heritage. The flagship of the Scottish roofs.
    9- Scottish Maritime Museum (United Kingdom)

These cultural symbols have been built to be remembered as an icon of the time they were created. For that reason, slate fits perfectly in these projects: thanks to its natural properties which remain unchanged over the time.