We renew the EcoVadis Gold Medal in sustainability… with a higher score than last year!

ecovadis gold

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully renewed our EcoVadis Gold Medal. Ecovadis is the world’s leading sustainability business rating, this further strengthens our leadership in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, through the improvement measures applied over the past twelve months.

At CUPA PIZARRAS, as part of CUPA GROUP, we actively contributed to making this assessment even better than the previous year. This continuous improvement process underscores the significance of sustainability across all our areas of work and production processes.

We achieved a Silver Medal in 2021 and made the leap to Gold in 2022, our score according to Ecovadis, has once again increased in 2023. Congratulations and many thanks to all who have contributed to this achievement!

This gold medal certifies that we are among the top 5% in sustainability scores among the over 100,000 companies analysed worldwide.

EcoVadis medals reflect the quality of the sustainability management system and assess a wide range of sustainability variables, including environmental care, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

slate roof house

The area where we scored the highest is related to labor practices and human rights, an improvement that places us among the top 1% of the best companies in our field.

This recognition emphasises our commitment not only to environmental respect but also to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all our processes, both in production and business management.

climate change iconIn our sustainability section, we detail all the certifications we have regarding sustainability, covering both processes and those accrediting natural slate as a roofing and façade material with the least environmental impact.