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Albert Londres was not just any journalist, he was one of the founders of investigative journalism. An inveterate traveler and intrepid reporter, this man fought with all his might to uncover and denounce the injustices of his time. His tragic death occurred in 1932, during the fire and sinking of the ship George Philippar, in […]
CUPA PIZARRAS is proud to have been selected by the judges as a finalist in the Materials Supplier of the Year category of the 2018 Construction News Specialist Awards, the second consecutive year for our company. These important awards, which started in 2005, are the only national awards celebrating the best specialist suppliers and contractors in […]
Photo by Ross Campbell  Iona is a small island in Scotland, full of life and breathtaking landscapes. This remote territory, with only 125 inhabitants, houses places full of history such as the Abbey of Iona. Founded in 563, it is well known as “The cradle of Christianity” in Scotland. The Glebe is the islands latest residential […]
Fun is guaranteed in Puy du Fou, one of the best rated amusement parks in the world, where visitors experience a journey through time. This famous park, which opened its doors in 1977 and was voted “Best Theme Park in the World” in 2012 and 2014, continues to reinvent itself year after year and does […]

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Scotland, land of green fields, steep mountains, historic castles and legendary lakes houses dream places such as Blairlogie, a quiet village of only 58 inhabitants located close to Dumyat Mountain. This bucolic area has just renewed its image with our natural slate through the Powis Mains Farm project. This renovation development has removed some old […]
Antwerp’s zoo, the oldest in Belgium and one of the oldest animal parks in the world, features our CUPA 4 natural slate in its 2100 square metre roofing refurbishment. Antwerp, the second-most populated city in Belgium, specially known by its diamond industry and important port, houses this famous zoo since more than 170 years. Founded […]
Chertsey, a small medieval town in the south-east of England, has recently renewed its appearance thanks to CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate. The result: Upper Longcross, a delightful neighborhood that stands out for its elegance and own style. CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate has the leading role in this refined project, called Upper Longcross, that is part […]
Present in the roof and, in the facade thanks to CUPACLAD®, CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate is a key factor in this innovative project. The architect emphasizes the features of slate and explains why it was chosen for these buildings located in Trélazé (France). Pierre de Coquereaumont Why choose natural slate in The Quantinière residence roof? […]
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