Budapest iconic hotel embraces timeless luxury with a new CUPA 12 roof

Inside Budapest city center history whispers through every cobblestone. The hallowed halls of 25 Andrássy Avenue dating from 1883 now pulsate with new life as the W Hotel Budapest.

W hotel Budapest

At the heart of this transformation lies the replacement of the roof, now embellished with our CUPA 12 natural slate roofing. This undertaking was pivotal for several reasons, foremost being the location within Budapest’s historic city center.

As a landmark of architectural heritage, preserving the integrity of the building’s exterior was paramount.

W hotel Budapest Andrassy avenue

However, the project was not without its technical challenges. The roofing area, spanning nearly 2700 m2, required meticulous attention due to the building’s unique, moving roof structure. Close collaboration with our trusted local partner, Teto Horn, was essential to devise a tailor-made solution.

Horn Rolf, CEO of Teto Horn, said:

This project was a challenge for everyone, both logistically and because of the complex intersections and the coordination of the sections that were built on top of each other.

The unparalleled quality of our CUPA 12 natural slate is esteemed across global markets, renowned for its exquisite appearance and unmatched performance. It consistently exceeds expectations, setting the standard for excellence in roofing solutions.

Andrassy avenue Budapest

Horn Rolf explains the link between his country and natural slate roofing as follows:

In Hungary, natural slate is not a common roofing material, and it is considered by all as a product of excellence, so it is particularly unique to make a monumental building with this noble material.

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Whether for listed buildings or residential properties, our CUPA 12 natural slate stands as a premium roofing solution. If you’re interested in learning more about this product, simply fill out the form below.

new roof for the W Hotel Budapest

Furthermore, the prestigious Budapest Opera House, situated just opposite the hotel, has also undergone refurbishment using our natural slate, in collaboration with Teto Horn. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, Teto Horn has proven to be a trusted partner in delivering exceptional roofing solutions.

Stepping onto Budapest’s Andrássy Avenue is akin to stepping onto a movie set, where every corner reveals a scene straight out of a Wes Anderson film. The charm of the historic buildings, the elegance of the tree-lined boulevard, and the palpable sense of history transport you to an era of grandeur and sophistication.