Our CUPA 12 natural slate has earned the trust of the most demanding stakeholders in the UK thanks to its unbeatable performance and quality

CUPA 12: The dream natural slate for any roofing contractor

The United Kingdom boasts one of the longest and strongest traditions of slate roofing, and within this rich context, CUPA 12 has secured a leading position. Its reputation stems from being quick and easy to sort, grade, and install, resulting in exceptional aesthetics once the project is completed.

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Sourced from La Campa in Northern Spain, a prestigious quarry operating since 1972, our CUPA 12 has been part of the UK market for over 30 years. With its smooth blue-grey surface and consistently flat cut, it excels in both contemporary and traditional builds.

CUPA 12 proudly carries the brand of the sole natural slate producer actively engaged in importation and operations within the UK market. Choosing CUPA 12 ensures you receive the finest natural slate roofing available in the UK, embodying unparalleled quality and reliability.

Standing the test of time

With more than 30 years covering UK houses, CUPA 12 is a roof that stands the test of time and improves the value of any property.

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Slate pieces per year

Every year we produce around 5 million pieces of our CUPA 12 natural slate for the UK market


Installed roofs

More than 45,000 CUPA 12 slate roofs have been installed in the UK, making it the most used slate in the last decades.


Times the weight of the London Eye

Over the years, we have exported CUPA 12 in quantities equivalent to the weight of more than 107 London Eyes.

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Unbeatable lifespan

Superior by nature

Natural slate has a lifespan of at least 100 years, which guarantees a 50% longer lifespan than any other facade or roofing materials.




52.5 YEARS


47.5 YEARS


48.75 YEARS

Material lifespan according to the information provided by the manufacturers*

Sustainable footprint

Because that’s how nature made it

While other materials have to be adapted for increased sustainability, slate has always been more sustainable than the alternatives because it’s 100% natural.

Water consumption

Natural slate (x1) 10%
Fibre cement (x11) 21%
Zinc (x135) 100%
Clay (x2) 12%

Energy consumption

Natural slate (x1) 10%
Fibre cement 60%
Zinc (x4) 40%
Clay (x2) 20%

Air pollution

Natural slate (x1) 10%
Fibre cement 60%
Zinc (x4) 40%
Clay (x2) 20%

* Comparison carried out based on the information published by the French database INIES on September 2014: http://www.base-inies.fr/Inies/Consultation.aspx.

Certified quality, sustainable friendly

Our meticulous approach throughout the entire process enables us to offer a range of natural slate that surpasses all international quality standards, while also being certified by the strictest independent British bodies.

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Snowdonia National Park

The local planning authority for Wales’ largest national park approved our CUPA 12 for use on roofs in the prestigious area.

bre global verified epd

BRE Global

CUPA 12 has been assessed and certified by this independent, third-party approvals organisation, expert in Life Cycle Assessment.

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NF Certificate

CUPA 12 meets the highest standards and requirements for quality, performance, durability and resistance to weather conditions.


CUPA PIZARRAS has a comprehensive quality control system that is unique, allowing us to identify the origin, typology, technical data, and production dates of each of our natural slates. Our traceability process is carried out using a unique barcode that accompanies the slate throughout its production process.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to monitor the quality of all our CUPA 12 pallets in real-time and provide our distributors and customers with accurate information about each piece of slate. From the La Campa quarry to any location in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

Technical specifications

Natural slate possesses extraordinary inherent characteristics. Our CUPA 12 holds the highest international certifications for quality and resistance to the elements, ensuring outstanding performance.

You can consult and download all of them from our resource center.

Water absorption
0,11% Code : W1 (< 0,4%)

Contents of carbonate non carbonated
0,20% Fulfill (< 1,5%)

Mor characteristic
Transverse 53 MPA
Longitudinal 52 MPA

SO2 exposure test

Thermal cycle test

Freeze thaw test
Fulfill < 0,6%


Rectangular is the most common model in the UK. If you are interested in other formats or sizes please contact us.

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90º Sawn
90º Sawn

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