natural slate roofing

A contemporary and eco-friendly office building

31 July 2018

office building Haut Pays Bigouden in French Brittany

Haut Pays Bigouden, in French Brittany, currently has 10 municipalities and almost 18,000 inhabitants. In 2015, the community decided to expand its facilities and gather its administrative services in one place: Pouldreuzic. Here the architect Pierre Brulé, with marked humanistic and environmental values, proposed a bold solution to lead this project: an expansion and restructuring of what exists in a single passive building.

The building is located in the city-centre, a traditional urban environment in the south. There are other modern buildings near by including a gym which is located within a school in the north.

We wanted to maintain a unit so designed two projects in one, explained Brulé.

facade of the office building Haut Pays Bigouden in French Brittany

Choosing the right material for the right place is essential and for this project, the use of natural slate acts as a strong mark in the urban landscape of Pouldreuzic.

For Pierre Brulé:

The architect draws the city, and for this reason, we have the responsibility of choosing whether to create a project or not, here the natural slate appears as a very urban material, which works well in this traditional context.

A passive building featuring CUPACLAD

The large office building was an investment of nearly 2 million euros and holds a passive certificate with Finistère.

The façade is made up of three materials; slate, wood and glass. The chosen materials create a unique and dynamic look, making the building stand out from its surroundings.

The ventilated façade system used CUPACLAD 101 Logic with the chosen format of 50 x 25 slates, a simple yet sleek design. The invisible fixing system offers architects more freedom to design, making CUPACLAD a suitable material for any individual design.

passive office building Haut Pays Bigouden in French Brittany

With a durability of over 100 years, natural slate is the most resistant material used for cladding and roofing. Our comprehensive suite of CUPACLAD systems have been specially designed to suit new architectural trends, and is the most sustainable cladding material in the market.