Dalkeith – Edinburgh
(Scotland - UK)

Dalkeith – Edinburgh (Scotland - UK)
Buccleuch Estates in association with Malcolm Fraser Architects & Blue

Dalkeith Country Park is a £7million development where the building products specified needed to reflect the rich historic surroundings. Recently, the development has also been awarded two prestigious accolades for conservation at this year’s Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards. Consequently, this led to CUPA PIZARRAS’ high quality Heavy 3 slate being chosen for the recently refurbished stable yard.

 Dalkeith Country Park, located just five miles from Edinburgh and set across a 1,000-acre park, is part of the Dalkeith Palace estate, owned by the Duke of Buccleuch. Needing a sensitive and effective restoration of its stables and courtyard, the estates team hired a Chartered Architect to integrate historical features within the new development.

Named Restoration Yard, the project saw the stables and courtyard reimagined to create a brand new store, café and wellbeing space, where the horse stalls and their feeding racks can still be viewed among the new features of the building. The development also saw the reopening of the adventure park, now named Fort Douglas.

James Palmer, Associate Director of Buccleuch Property, said: 

“Buccleuch has made substantial investment into the preservation and development of the country park. It was also important to select products that would secure the architectural heritage of the landscape and listed properties. CUPA’s product has done exactly this.”

 CUPA PIZARRAS was able to fit the brief by supplying its Heavy 3 slate, a product that is particularly popular in Scotland to due to its close resemblance to the traditional Ballachulish natural slate that is no longer produced. Its medium-grained and blue-black colouring with occasional quartz gives it an authentic and visually appealing finish that is well suited to a project with this prestige.

Heavy 3 also offers many practical benefits. It has exceptional thickness and durability, plus it is impermeable, non-combustible, UV resistant and unaffected by chemicals and pollutants, meaning it effectively protects the building beneath. Natural slate is also a low-maintenance material that is suitable for all environmental conditions, thanks to it repelling the growth of mould or fungi.

Allan Liddell, Area Sales Manager for Scotland, said: “Our Heavy 3 slate is significantly thicker than its competitors, meaning it can provide maximum endurance against the high wind speeds and driving rain that is so common throughout Scotland. This made it perfectly positioned to fulfil both aesthetic and practical requirements of the development at Dalkeith Country Park.


“This is also the first A-listed building in Edinburgh with Heavy 3 and is an excellent example Scottish heritage preservation.” 


The best choice for Scottish roofs. Its extra thickness of 7-8 mm gives it the perfect strength to withstand Scottish weather while boosting the value of any property.

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