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An eave is the edge of a roof that sticks out over the top of the wall.

Slate roof eaves detail

In this article we give you some advice on eaves design in natural slate roofs:
  • A 500mm wide Eaves Protection Strip is fixed to overhang the facia board and into the gutter.
  • The eaves batten (for the first course of full slates) is the first to be fixed.
  • To ensure the slates hang 50mm into the gutter, the tails of the first course of slates should be offered up to run parallel with the under eaves courses. The under eaves batten is fixed directly below the eaves batten.
eave slate roof detail
  • Head of eave should sit on the first batten underneath the first full course’s nail hole and be fixed in position at batten two. Hole position on short slate should be 20–25mm in from cut edge and outer edge.
  • The eaves slates length should be gauge + lap. The first course of full-length slates is fixed over the eave slate to create a double course. The eave slates should be inverted and fixed face down.
  • The under course slates must be head-nailed to the under eaves batten.
slate eaves detail

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