A 200-Year-Old College Renewed for Another Century with CUPA 14 Natural Slate Roof

Venable Hall stands as the second oldest building in the Hampden-Sydney College historic campus. Constructed in the early 19th century, it has witnessed over two centuries of academic pursuit and cultural evolution, providing a backdrop to countless generations of students.

Venable Hall Hampden sydney college historic campus

In recent months, Venable Hall has undergone a meticulous renovation to provide students with all the amenities of the 21st century. Central to this restoration is the replacement of its aging roof with CUPA 14 natural slate, a choice that ensures both historical fidelity and modern durability.

This significant refurbishment marks a new chapter in the building’s history, preserving its past and securing its future.

Venable Hall cupa 14

Durable Slate is a historic roofing company that works with natural slate and other materials all over the US and abroad. John Chan, owner of the company, says:

In general, CUPA 14 has worked well for us. CUPA 14 is probably the closest match to a Buckingham slate in look.

Hampden Sydney College

Justin Willis, who, as the branch manager of The Durable Slate Mid Atlantic Branch, confirms the quality of our CUPA 14 and its suitability for the market:

My first reaction was that I was blown away on its close resemblance of Virginia Buckingham. To my understanding, it is the only slate recognized by the National Park Service as a substitute for Virginia Buckingham, which is no longer readily available.

Justin and his team have used CUPA 14 many times with extraordinary results. They are currently preparing to install it on projects in Fort Hunt, VA, Maree Farring in Baltimore, and a private residence in Bethesda, MD.

Hampden Sydney Virginia

CUPA 14 is the ideal roofing slate for the American market, offering exceptional aesthetics, superior quality, and reliable availability. Its standard thickness of 1/4-3/8” ensures durability and a consistent appearance, making it a top choice for both historical restorations and modern constructions.

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