CUPACLAD® Design ARROW: moving back and forth

The zigzag pattern of CUPACLAD® Design ARROW projects energy and dynamism. This slate rainscreen cladding design takes a simple rhomboid format to create a sense of movement.

cupaclad design arrow

Each line of slates points at the opposite direction to create infinite arrows that move back and forth, providing a dynamic design to both horizontal and vertical buildings.

CUPACLAD® Design ARROW technical details

Technical details CUPACLAD® Design ARROW

40×25 cm Rhomboid 7,65 mm
12,5 uds/m² ≤32 kg/m² 2 invisible, flathead screws

Energy overflows in this zigzag patterned façade

zigzag patterned façade


ARROW alternates rhomboid slates to create a zigzag pattern. The slate format is the same used for ASCENT and WAVE, but units are placed horizontally and without mixing formats.

This zigzag pattern provides a sense of verticality to high buildings and a dynamic effect to large horizontal buildings.

But aesthetics is not all, this modern design is a sustainable and efficient cladding alternative. CUPACLAD® combines the efficiency of rainscreen cladding systems with the durability of natural slate, providing a long-lasting cladding solution.

As other CUPACLAD® Designs, ARROW uses the same fixing method as the CUPACLAD® 101 series. Slate units are fixed using self-drilling stainless steel flathead screws and slates are overlapped so that screws remain invisible.

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