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The CUPA PIZARRAS R&D team focuses in developing new solutions in natural slate. CUPACLAD Design is the result of their work, a group of ever growing concepts which show the boundless possibilities of natural slate rainscreen cladding systems. The best way to cover and isolate facades, now offers us a new concept: Ascent This design is […]
Villa P represents a great step forward on the use of natural slate in the latest sustainable architectural trends! A brand-new project in Denmark, completed in 2016 and featuring a CUPA PIZARRAS’ natural slate roof and our rainscreen cladding systems in natural slate CUPACLAD®.  EXCLUSIVE DESIGN INSPIRED BY NATURE N+P Architecture have designed a beautiful […]
A “visionary” dwelling has been built: the Split House. Fragmented naturally by its surface with a clearly defined visible side facing other houses of the neighborhood, but keeping a “private” side open to the natural environment. Its final look is striking. Find here all the details of this project… Near Pett (UK) this private hilltop […]
This project is inspired by natural materials to blend in with the surrounding environment: natural slate, stone, wood … A sustainable dwelling at the forefront of architecture! Find out all the details of this unique home. FLOATING AMONGST TREES This innovative project developed by Sustainable Energy & Housing is located near Bilbao (Spain) and has […]

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This House located in Asturias (northern Spain) has been designed to become a net zero energy home! Do you know how to get it? Find out here all the details … GREATEST CONVENIENCE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS The architecture studio Duque y Zamora, specialized in Passivhaus standard, has just finished this project aiming to minimize the […]
Building solutions are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, featuring contemporary projects with different materials. THE FUTURE OF HOME DESIGN HAS ARRIVED Innovative concepts, incredible house designs, the latest construction technologies … They are all designed to minimize their environmental impact while improving energy efficiency. But there is a material that will never go out of […]
The third edition of CUPACLAD Design squeezes the combination of different materials and colour contrasts to get a personalized and contemporary design. A CONTEMPORARY DESIGN WITH ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES This new CUPACLAD Design proposal reinvents the rainscreen cladding design and suggests a combination of materials to add a touch of light. It is specially developed to […]
When talking about Nordic design, the little details make the difference. That is exactly what this Danish family wanted to achieve a sustainable but bright, elegant but with the highest energy efficiency home. And the result was this “Future House“, a simple and multifunctional house designed by the Danish architects Novaform Arkitekterne. A NATURAL AND […]

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