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Did you know that most of the energy is lost due to thermal bridges or lack of isolation? One of the best important solutions to avoid this energy waste is the improvement of cladding and roofing insulation. By improving the energy performance of your home, you save money, boost your home value and contribute to […]
Rainscreen cladding is a system that has become one of the most efficient solution for construction envelope purposes. It provides numerous advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, avoiding thermal bridges and condensation problems. The rainscreen cladding system consists of a load bearing wall, a layer of insulation and a covering material fixed to […]
CUPACLAD Design opens a whole world of possibilities for the design of natural slate rainscreen cladding systems: new shapes, different combinations of materials … Find out a brand new proposal every month! WHAT IS CUPACLAD DESIGN? It is an innovative concept based on a complete series of infographics trying to turn contemporary architecture upside down. […]
CUPA PIZARRAS has launched CUPACLAD Design, an innovative concept combining the timeless beauty of slate rainscreen cladding systems with new contemporary shapes and configurations, to truly inspire. Developed with input from architects, CUPACLAD ventilated façade systems are able to adapt to any kind of project, by combining alternative fastening methods and slate formats. The systems […]

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Natural slate is a product with unmatchable technical properties that adapts to any project, always providing considerable added value. Moreover, it gives any roof or facade an inimitable, timeless, unchanging appearance. Its elegance and personality confer a unique character. Moreover, the latest trends in architecture are now looking for more sustainable buildings, using natural materials […]
Do you want to save energy at home? The first thing you should take into consideration is how to improve your energy efficiency. You’ll need to get your home to use less energy or use it better.  Ideally, every single house should have been initially designed with the best energy optimization. Nevertheless, many homes that […]
CUPACLAD® system is an innovative solution, offering a new durable, sustainable and easy to fix alternative that has already become a revolution in cladding applications for natural slate! These cladding systems offer a new durable, sustainable and easy to fix alternative with a unique character. The slates used for CUPACLAD® systems are a natural product […]
When thinking about efficiency, the first strategy to apply should be saving energy. It’s important to understand that limiting the waste of energy resources such as internal heating is essential. Thermal insulation is a great solution to reduce energy consumption by preventing heat gain or loss through the building envelope. This reduction of unwanted temperature […]

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