Dazzling design family home all covered in natural slate!

Villa P - House in Denmark with a rainscreen cladding facade

Villa P represents a great step forward on the use of natural slate in the latest sustainable architectural trends!

A brand-new project in Denmark, completed in 2016 and featuring a CUPA PIZARRAS’ natural slate roof and our rainscreen cladding systems in natural slate CUPACLAD®. 


N+P Architecture have designed a beautiful 195 square metres residence called Villa P. This Scandinavian dwelling is situated on a site with a charming colourful view towards the harbor of Fredericia and Lillebaelt. It has unique wonderful views of the ocean stretching between the island of Funen and Denmark’s mainland.

Villa P - House in Denmark with a rainscreen facade

The name of this Villa P comes from the bearing outer wall where the steep angle of the roof and the horizontal floor separation create a movement that folds resembling the letter P.

Materials are kept simple for a Nordic approach. Characterized by the use of natural materials such as slate (both for roofing and cladding), large windows, wooden strips, sweeping rooflines… All these geared towards natural simplicity and architectural order.

Villa P - House in Denmark - Tecnical drawings

The look of the walls and wooden roofs from the exterior continues in the interior, creating an honest and transparent transition from inside to outside. 

N+P architects commented:

Slate is a great material standing the test of time. At the same time, it withstands the harsh and brutal conditions close to the ocean. 

That is the reason why they specified a natural slate roof and our rainscreen cladding systems in natural slate CUPACLAD 101 Logic.

Villa P - House in Denmark 3 photos

Slate is a completely natural product with unbeatable technical properties that provide considerable added value to any facade project. It is long–lived, remarkably durable, fire resistant and naturally waterproof. Its aesthetic and technical properties remain unaltered, keeping the elegance and character for much longer than any man-made alternatives.

Used since time immemorial, natural slate is an exceptionally durable material that lasts more than 100 years, making it the ideal material for any type of façade project. CUPACLAD® systems were specially created to fill the need to adapt natural slate to new architectural styles and trends, which call for more ecological and sustainable construction.

Villa P - House in Denmark with a rainscreen slate

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