Exploring the mysterious past of a Danish villa crowned with natural slate

This secret gem can be found on the waterside of Strandvejen, in the heart of the finest area of Hellerup (Denmark). Once home to a wartime diamond merchant, historic treasures echo within these walls.

danish villa

The house holds another tale – during the war, a hidden room in the tower served as refuge for Jewish individuals. This villa from 1902 serves as an excellent example of how the past holds great stories with a touch of magic.

Today, remnants of this history live on, adding character to the house that was was recently refurbished. As the villa fully embraces its aristocratic heritage, our CUPA 12 natural slate was chosen to crown the roof and honour the legacy of the building.

Jan Falk Schollert, roofing expert at Falk Tag & Façade, said:

At the project’s completion, our skilled employees took a step back alongside the client to admire the impressive outcome. It’s a true masterpiece of aesthetics and sustainability.

natural slate danish house

The old asbestos-cement shingles were replaced by a natural slate roof, which includes copper gutters, flashings, and cladding for two bay windows in folded copper. The interplay between natural slate and copper on this elegant property is a beautiful example of timeless sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship.

Falk Tag & Façade has been working with natural slate for more than 40 years and they appreciate not only the beautiful and stylish appearance that it brings to properties but also the values it represents when it comes to sustainability.

before after

The enduring beauty of natural slate seamlessly aligns with sustainability, making a profound statement about responsible construction practices and a harmonious coexistence with our environment. Jan Falk Schollert explains:

One of the most exciting aspects of working with natural slate is the incredible creativity it allows us to unleash. With the many different cuts and techniques that can be applied, natural slate has the ability to transform any roof into a work of art. It’s a unique opportunity to give your property a new and different appearance that stands out from the crowd.

slate roof house

This project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team in Denmark. If you’re considering a construction project or have inquiries about incorporating natural slate into your designs, our team is poised to offer on-site assistance and professional guidance.