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Slate combines the qualities of a natural product with the high performance of modern building materials: contemporary design, cost and efficiency. There are endless reasons to be excited about slate, so let’s examine why you should choose it for your next project. Top 7 Reasons to use slate. Exceptional durability: it lasts a lifetime! With […]
Did you know that most of the energy is lost due to thermal bridges or lack of isolation? One of the best important solutions to avoid this energy waste is the improvement of cladding and roofing insulation. By improving the energy performance of your home, you save money, boost your home value and contribute to […]
With the latest solutions in solar panels, and the energy prices constantly increasing, it seems to be the best time to consider solar thermal panels. Find out here some more reasons! WHY SOLAR THERMAL? Find out here some more reasons! Solar thermal energy is the use of solar energy to produce heat. It uses the […]
When building a roof for your home, a pitched roof is a common option, especially in climates that see a lot of rain throughout the year. But how can we change the classical notion of sloped roofs to help them earn a place in leading-edge architecture? These 10 examples will show you how pitched roofs […]

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it is one of the most representative places of Madrid, but this Renaissance-style building hides some secrets that many of us did not know until today. Do you want to uncover them all? 6 INTERESTING THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE METRÓPOLIS BUILDING It took 4 years to build it, from 1907 to 1911. […]
CUPACLAD® 201 was the perfect cladding system for this contemporary residential complex. Our innovative ventilated façade systems create a modern look to these buildings while offering a sustainable cladding solution. STYLE AND INNOVATION FOR A DANISH RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX These apartment buildings are located in Fredericia, in the eastern part of Denmark. In order to get […]
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