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When you choose a roofing style, you may first think of visual impact. While good look really matters, so do utility, lifetime and strength. If you’ve ever wondered what the importance of a good roof is to your home, then don’t miss this list! LEARN ABOUT THE BASIC TYPES OF ROOFS Choosing a roof shape […]
CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate was specially selected for its qualities including its adaptability, longevity and elegant look.     THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR A LUXURY NEIGHBORHOOD The exclusive Langton Homes development is set in Great Easton, England.  Each property features over 5,500 square feet of accommodation and has been tailored to meet the needs of […]
It’s CUPA PIZARRAS’ 125th birthday! 125 years of commitment to quality that has made us the world leader in natural slate. OUR HISTORY It has been 125 years since the founders of CUPA PIZARRAS extracted the first slate from the Solana de Forcadas quarry in Northern Spain. This significant milestone is unrivalled by competitors in […]
This House located in Asturias (northern Spain) has been designed to become a net zero energy home! Do you know how to get it? Find out here all the details … GREATEST CONVENIENCE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS The architecture studio Duque y Zamora, specialized in Passivhaus standard, has just finished this project aiming to minimize the […]

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The roof is undoubtedly the most important part of a house. So, when thinking on installing, replacing or renewing a slate roof, it is preferable to be well informed. Don’t miss these key questions and answers about fixing slates. 7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FIXING SLATES 1. What do I need to know when […]
Did you know that the roof is responsible for more than 35% of the heat losses of a house? So, insulating your slate roof is one of the best investments to consider when trying to improve your home efficiency… Don’t miss these useful tips! ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INSULATING YOUR SLATE ROOF What’s […]
Building solutions are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, featuring contemporary projects with different materials. THE FUTURE OF HOME DESIGN HAS ARRIVED Innovative concepts, incredible house designs, the latest construction technologies … They are all designed to minimize their environmental impact while improving energy efficiency. But there is a material that will never go out of […]
When choosing natural slate you are opting for the best roofing material: long service life, quality, ecology and beauty. But are all the slates the same? Where can you find the best ones? WHY SPANISH SLATES? Spain is the world’s first natural slate producer. The biggest and best reserves of tectonic natural slate in the […]

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