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Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and its most populated city, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic. It houses one of the best preserved medieval historical centres in Europe, declared World Heritage Site in 1994. The Pavilniai Regional Park can be found in the outskirts of the city, with spectacular views […]
A specialist roofing contractor, covering the new-build and private residential markets, has used a selection of CUPA 12 slates from CUPA PIZARRAS to complete the roof of a distinctive circular property in Cambridgeshire. Lander & Linsey Roofing spent six weeks on site at the home near Newton, working with local builder Offord & Camp, to […]
Albert Londres was not just any journalist, he was one of the founders of investigative journalism. An inveterate traveler and intrepid reporter, this man fought with all his might to uncover and denounce the injustices of his time. His tragic death occurred in 1932, during the fire and sinking of the ship George Philippar, in […]
Scotland, land of green fields, steep mountains, historic castles and legendary lakes houses dream places such as Blairlogie, a quiet village of only 58 inhabitants located close to Dumyat Mountain. This bucolic area has just renewed its image with our natural slate through the Powis Mains Farm project. This renovation development has removed some old […]

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Antwerp’s zoo, the oldest in Belgium and one of the oldest animal parks in the world, features our CUPA 4 natural slate in its 2100 square metre roofing refurbishment. Antwerp, the second-most populated city in Belgium, specially known by its diamond industry and important port, houses this famous zoo since more than 170 years. Founded […]
Many outstanding buildings all around the world are covered in natural slate, a material synonym of durability and efficiency. Madrid, capital of Spain, is no exception, with many of its landmarks covered in natural slate. This city, one of the largest in Europe, hosts a wide range of monuments, temples and palaces which show different […]
Chertsey, a small medieval town in the south-east of England, has recently renewed its appearance thanks to CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate. The result: Upper Longcross, a delightful neighborhood that stands out for its elegance and own style. CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate has the leading role in this refined project, called Upper Longcross, that is part […]
The roof is one of the most important parts in any building, acting as the first line of defense from all environmental hazards. Roofs have evolved over the years, with pitched roofs often associated with a more classical appearance. That said, the truth is that they remain the most common and efficient solution to ensure […]

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