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CUPA PIZARRAS has had the privilege of participating in Tail Mill, the exclusive housing development refurbishment in Somerset, which combines mill properties and innovative roof designs. The quality of CUPA PIZARRAS product and its stunning appearance, were main factors in helping the company to guarantee the specification for this important project for developer Zero C, specialized developers […]
The roof  is an essential part of any house, and choosing the best option is very important. The advantages of natural slate in pitched roof  are numerous, due to slate being a building material with unmatched technical features, durability and maintenance.  Often associated to tradition, the truth is pitched roofs last far longer and require […]
Modular houses are no longer just a concept, but an increasingly common architectural solution. This house in Asturias is the best example of how natural slate and new design trends can combine to create truly unique projects.  The Montaña House project is located in a rural area of Valdés, closed to Luarca (Asturias). It is […]
As 2017 draws to a close, we have looked back at our blog to highlight our top 10 most popular posts of the year. Check out the most well-liked CUPA PIZARRAS’ articles of 2017! 10 MOST POPULAR POSTS OF THE YEAR 10 Contemporary houses with pitched roofs  When building a roof for your home, a […]

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Are you satisfied with the performance of your home? There are a few factors that contribute to dissatisfaction. Discover the 5 most important and how to fix them … HOW TO EVALUATE AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR HOME? Thermal comfort This is the factor causing the most upset. Most people say their apartment is […]
The city of Antwerp (Belgium) can now boast about having such an emblematic building by architect Zaha Hadid! The spectacular “Havenhuis” dominates the port and reinforces the dynamic image of the city. This building is currently the starting point for the vast port area and is the symbol of the growth of the port of […]
Few things are more misunderstood about the home than roof ventilation. With winter approaching, saving on energy costs and preventing winter damage to roofs are high priorities for owners. A proper roof ventilation may help reduce many of the costs and dangers attributed to winter weather. Even in summer: without proper ventilation, heat can rise […]
Building an efficient and sustainable dwelling is now becoming easier than ever thanks to the wide variety of solutions and materials. However, renovating a stylish home to become more sustainable and efficient is a little bit complicated. Find here some tips to get it. HOW TO CHOOSE MATERIALS FOR AN EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE MAKEOVER Are […]

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