6 good reasons for energy efficiency renovation

energy effiency rainscreen cladding

Did you know that most of the energy is lost due to thermal bridges or lack of isolation? One of the best important solutions to avoid this energy waste is the improvement of cladding and roofing insulation.

By improving the energy performance of your home, you save money, boost your home value and contribute to sustainable development.

For these reasons, energy efficiency has now become a priority.


  1. Save money

    The cheapest energy is the energy you do not waste … And it’s also the most environmentally friendly!

  2. Improve your home comfort

    Good insulation will improve the quality of life of your family.

  3. Increase the value of your property

    After a good renovation, the value of your home will be significantly increased.

  4. Fight against pollution

    According to the WWF, the improvement of the energy efficiency of 400,000 homes per year would prevent the emission of 8 million tons of CO2.

  5. Help to create jobs

    Housing renovations would generate new jobs in the construction sector.

  6. Stay in line with the new energy efficiency regulations

    Fight against climate change by better balancing the different sources of supply.

  7. energy effiency ventilated facade


    Rainscreen cladding is now considered the most efficient system for isolating building. It is a construction solution widely used and popular amongst architects and developers worldwide.

    The rainscreen cladding system facilitates the refrigeration of the building in summer and the control of thermal loses in winter, allowing to combine energy savings and thermal comfort.

    CUPACLAD® natural slate ventilated facade systems offer a design adapted to each need. They are lightweight, easy to install and they help to create a modern building appearance.

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    Looking for more information about our rainscreen cladding systems in natural slate? Download our CUPACLAD brochure.