Top 5 natural slate pitched roof projects of 2017

The roof  is an essential part of any house, and choosing the best option is very important. The advantages of natural slate in pitched roof  are numerous, due to slate being a building material with unmatched technical features, durability and maintenance.  Often associated to tradition, the truth is pitched roofs last far longer and require less maintenance than other alternatives.

During 2017 this type of roof has conquered some of the best building projects, in UK, and all around the world, and CUPA PIZARRAS has had the privilege of being part of them. This is our top 5 picks for natural slate pitched roof projects in 2017:

  1. B listed building in Glasgow (Scotland) 

    This iconic Glasgow building has been covered with Heavy 3 slate!

    glasgow building

  2. Langton Homes (Great Easton, England) 

    CUPA R 12 Excellence slate has been used across all four Easton Square dwellings including the properties’ associated outbuildings and garages.

    langton home cupa slates

  3. Dalkeith Country Park (Scotland) 

    Dalkeith Country Park is an estate of Dalkeith Palace, a unique piece of Scottish Heritage very closed to Edinburgh. It has been recently renewed with Heavy 3 slates.

    dalkeith country park restoration


  4. The Renfrew Town Hall (Scotland)

    iThis impressive 19th-century building is a tower that rises to more than 100 feet, a symbol of the civic pride evident in Renfrew during its industrial heyday and has been covered with CUPA HEAVY 3. Click here to know more details!

    renfrew town hall slate roof restoration

  5. Villa P (Denmark) 

    This amazing house is located in the Dannish shore, and represents design and exclusiveness linked to slate. Discover more about this project.

    Villa P - House in Denmark with a rainscreen cladding facade