The renaissance of the Balhousie Castle roofs thanks to CUPA HEAVY 3

slate roof castle

CUPA HEAVY 3 has been chosen to cover Balhousie Castle roofs thanks to its natural strength and durable elegance.

Balhousie Castle is located in Hay Street, Perth (Scotland), a few hundred meters north of the original medieval town. The castle standing today is a Baronial style mansion from 1862 thought its origins are said to date back to 1631 (after falling into disrepair in the early 19th century, the castle had to be extensively renovated and no original features survive except for parts of the original walls on the east side)

In 1962, the Castle became the regimental headquarters and museum of the Black Watch and it has become one of the top visitor attractions in Perthshire. Balhousie Castle tells the story of Scotland’s elite military regiment whose hi story stretches back almost three centuries.

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CUPA HEAVY 3  is the best choice for repair and replacement of traditional roofs in Scotland. It is ideally suited for this market due to its close similarity to the traditional highland slate from Ballachulish that is no longer produced.

CUPA HEAVY 3 slate®  is blue-black with a slightly gritty texture. It is produced in two different thicknesses, 3.5mm and 7-8mm, but the thicker variant is the preferred choice in Scotland.

The real value of HEAVY 3 lies in its natural properties: 

properties heavy3 slate