CUPA HEAVY 3 natural slate, the best choice for traditional roofs in Scotland

CUPA Heavy 3

CUPA HEAVY 3 slate is the best choice for repair and replacement of traditional roofs in Scotland. Ideally suited to combat dampness, our natural slate is widely used on conservation projects.

Thicker natural slate is needed to protect buildings from dampness through capillarity and from the high winds that prevail in some parts of Scotland. Capillarity refers to how easily a liquid can rise through a pore. It is a physical phenomenon and therefore it is not limited to slate and affects all overlapped laminated materials.

CUPA Heavy 3 at a thickness of 7-8 mm is ideally suited to combat dampness which has resulted in it being widely used on conservation projects.

The value of Heavy 3 lies in its properties:



The slate is blue-black with a slightly gritty texture, and in some samples well defined parallel lines are clearly visible on the cleavage surfaces.

It is ideally suited for the Scottish market due to its close similarity to the traditional highland slate from Ballachulish that is no longer produced. Both are blue-grey in colour and of similar thickness, and pyrite crystals are usually present in both.

CUPA PIZARRAS slate is produced in two thicknesses, 3.5mm and 7-8mm; the thicker variant being the preferred choice in Scotland. The extra thickness and weight give it strength to withstand the high wind speeds and driving rain common throughout Scotland.

CUPA Heavy 3 natural slates are available in the following sizes: 30x20cm (12×8”), 35x20cm (14×8”), 40x20cm (16×8”), 40x25cm (16×10”) and 50x25cm (20×10”).

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