Clive Holland: ‘Roofers are a breed apart. A crucial core of the construction industry’

Clive Holland

Clive Holland is a reference in the construction industry. Nowadays, he runs his own show at Fix Radio and also hosts their annual Tradesperson of the year Awards. We spoke to him about the past, present and future of the industry and discussed the benefits of natural slate roofs: “a slate tile will outlive you and generations of your family to come”, he stressed.

CUPA PIZARRAS – You hosted the Fix Radio Awards ceremony. How did you find the event? Why are these events important for the construction industry?

Clive Holland – This was the second time I’ve presented these awards and, on both occasions, I felt privileged to present those trades at the top of their game with an individual award. I think it’s important to recognise an industry that I feel is the best in the World. The response afterwards, from all the categories, was a sense of pride too. They can now add this title to their van livery, social media and letter heads too.

CP – CUPA PIZARRAS sponsored the “Roofer of the year Category”, what makes the roofing trade stand out from other trades?

CH – Roofers are a breed apart. However, a crucial core of the construction industry. Working in all weathers to make sure we all have a roof over our heads. I pay huge respect to them for the work they do. Some might say, I’m a bit of an anorak when it comes to brickwork and roofing tiles, those that are constructed well are an absolute joy to behold. Lots of changes and innovation has taken place over the last couple of decades to roofing and they’ve adapted well to change.

CP – The Clive Holland Show takes a look at the biggest topics in construction. In Your opinion, what are the main challenges in the trade nowadays? And more specifically in the roofing sector?

CH – Over recent months on my Fix radio show the topics have centred around, the cost of living crisis and concerns customers may start to put off those jobs they’d planned. Therefore, less work for our trades people. Mental Health, material shortages and rising prices. This impacted heavily on most trades but in particular the roofing trade during the covid lock down.  Even though the government requested we carried on building, the lack of cement-based roof tiles and timber at times brought the sector to a standstill.

Clive Holland fix radio

CP – Your podcast and the whole Fix Radio are focused on tradespeople, do you think that people in the construction industry need more specialized TV programs, shows or spaces that discuss their daily issues?

CH – Well, to be honest It was something I had never thought about before joining Fix in 2019. However, the impact we are having and the responses we are getting from all sectors of the industry suggest it is much needed.  On top of that, it’s a great way of highlighting what a great place construction is to the next, much needed, young generation.

CP – What do you think about natural slate as a roofing material? What has been your professional experience with this material?

CH – For me, you can’t beat a natural slate roof, It’s a thing of beauty. Natural slate in many cases has a unique pattern on each one, its own fingerprint if you like. I imagine it’s more eco-friendly than synthetics too. In my experience, the durability is second to none. A slate tile will outlive you and generations of your family to come. It’s resistant to fire and I don’t know if you’ve noticed before but you find very little moss or algae attaching itself. Bird lime too seems to just wash away unlike cementitious based or synthetic products. For me, it’s the king and queen of tiles.

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