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Between the 8th and 12th of November, some of the best British roofing students will gather to find the champion of the year at the Great British Slate Off. Today we are speaking to Bob Richardson, NFRC Head of Technical and Training, and Andy Rowlands, Competition Manager, to discover the competition works. Also, we look […]
Few people know that Marianka (Slovak Republic) was an important place for slate mining. Its fame lasted for almost 100 years during the 19th and 20th centuries. A group of enthusiasts founded the civic association Spolok Permon Marianka in 2006. We speak to Josef Kráľ, a founding member of the association. CUPA PIZARRAS – When […]
Leeds College of Building is one of the six academic institutions being part of CUPA PIZARRAS sponsorship. As part of the programme, every year each college select a student for their ‘Apprentice of the Year Award’, a recognition aimed to support the academic excellence. John had the pleasure of lifting this year’s trophy. Chris Messenger, […]
From looking at the pictures in this interview, we can all agree that Michael Weiß is an artist (@incrediblewhite). This German roofer has specialised in the ornamental side of natural slate. “Even with small decorative elements, you can make every roof, every facade, every chimney into something individual”, he says. In roofing, like in every […]

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Here at CUPA PIZARRAS we believe that education is essential for the future of many trades. We invest heavily in encouraging young people to develop their skills and learn a beautiful yet traditional trade with a secure future through a career in roofing. One of the ways we do this is through the partnership we […]
Joseph Jenkins is probably one of the most-informed men in the US on natural slate roofing. His book ‘Slate Roof Bible’ has won 10 awards and brings together decades of experience. The industry has changed a lot and it’s easier to find good and professional slate roofers in the US nowadays. As he explains in […]
Thomas Woods is Sales Director at AJW Distribution, a company established in 1998 which supplies building materials in the UK. During this interview, we go through some of the specifics of the construction industry. He explains that “builders who may be building to a high spec will likely choose natural slate”. CUPA PIZARRAS – Who […]
The innovative Danish house Villa P was voted the most popular project in our Instagram contest. Its elegant Scandinavian style won over the hearts of those who have once visited it. Jesper Korf was the architect who made the vision a reality and, in this interview, he confesses some secrets of its success. CUPA PIZARRAS […]
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