CUPA 12 crowns an Edwardian residence in Leeds

Parkstone stands as an elegant Edwardian dwelling transformed into five apartments. Steeped in history, the property’s proximity to the site where British battalions mustered during the First World War adds a unique and compelling narrative to its distinguished character.

parkstone an Edwardian dwelling

In orchestrating the meticulous refurbishment of Parkstone, a paramount consideration was to seamlessly blend contemporary luxury with the timeless aesthetics of its Edwardian heritage.

In this pursuit, natural slate emerged as the ideal roofing solution. Siobhan Atkinson, the main client on the project commented:

We had to make a very big decision about what we were going to replace the roof with. In the end we selected Spanish slate from CUPA PIZARRAS as Yorkshire Heritage Roofing were able to advise us on the product’s environmental impact and how it would be in-keeping with the other properties located nearby.

The original plan for the roof was to reuse the existing tiles. However, this was not feasible as the 100-year-old tiles had incurred too much wear and tear. Roofing contractor, Ian McCarthy, from Yorkshire Heritage Company, had no doubts:

When I trained as a roofer, we used CUPA PIZARRAS products, so it is my go-to company for roof slate. It’s great to be able to go to a customer and say: I have exactly what you’re looking for.


At CUPA PIZARRAS, we are very much aware of the importance of helping the next generation of roofers. This is why we have in place a comprehensive program to support colleges all around the UK, in collaboration with the NFRC and other influential players.

Our CUPA 12 was chosen for the project as it met the high standards demanded by the client. This dark grey natural slate is widely recognised as the best for the British market. It won’t discolor, split, or crack, and, as such, can be guaranteed for 100 years, offering excellent peace of mind for the building’s residents.

Ian McCarthy explained:

I have used other Spanish slates before, but the quality is often poor. CUPA R12 Excellence is easy to cut and lay, with minimal breakages or wastage. The uniform thickness of the slate makes them easier to install, while the dark grey, even colour, provides a striking, decorative finish.

parkstone slate roofs

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