CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, a high quality roofing for The Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling

CUPA 3 Heavy natural slate

The prestigious character of  The Thistles Shopping Centre, located in the heart of the traditional city of Sitirling, demonstrates the modern face of Scottish architecture.

CUPA Heavy 3 natural slate was the best solution to create a build that was modern in design but that used high quality building products for its roofing. CUPA Heavy 3 became the perfect choice because our natural slate ensures a Scottish look, as well as the reassurance that can only be delivered by a product of this quality.


CUPA 3 Heavy natural slate

CUPA Heavy 3 at a thickness of 8-10 mm is ideally suited to comat dampness which has resulted in it being widely used on conservation projects.CUPA 3 Heavy natural slate

Its distinctive natural colour, texture and grain deliver a clean, sculpted and strikingly beautiful appearance. Two slates are never identical which creates compelling aesthetic to buildings. The value of our natural slate lies in its natural properties:

IMPERMEABILITY: resistant to water, natural slate weighs less than ceramic or concrete tiles, which absorb water when raining, and avoids putting increased strain on the roof structure.

DURABILITY: life expectancy of CUPA Heavy 3 is more than 100 years. Additionally, once installed, maintenance costs are practically zero.

VERSATILITY: our natural slate can cover any shape, pitch and space whether for conventional or unconventional roof forms.


CUPA 3 Heavy natural slateAs Scotland’s most recently appointed city, Stirling required a prestigious shopping centre to mark its new found commercial status in Scotland’s economy. Refurbishment and modernisation of The Thistle Centre was by architects BDP –Building Design Partnership– including mall finishes, specialist rooflights and feature entrances.

The Thistles hosts over 70 stylish shops,  mix of big brands and variety of speciality shops which makes shopping an ultimate experience. Our CUPA Heavy 3 natural slate have gives the space a strong personality.