CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate enhances the traditional style of The Danish National School of Performing Arts

danish national school of performing arts slate roof

CUPA PIZARRAS slate was selected to cover the roofs of one of the main academic institutions in Denmark offering education in acting, directing, dance and choreography.

The Danish National School of performing Arts (Statens Scenekunstskole) is located in Copenhagen and since 1968, it has been involved in the tuition of actors, dancers, choreographers and directors…

The building is divided into two separate units, the Danish National School of Theatre and the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance and hosts about 130 students from all over the world.

danish national school of performing arts slate roof

This unique building roof has been updated using our CUPA 12, a thin, flat, smooth surfaced dark grey natural slate.

In order to respect the traditional character of this historical building, the architects chose a combination of two differing slate sizes, 60×35 and 50×25 that provides texture and character yet elegant style.

CUPA 12 comes from one of our 16 quarries , La Campa, situated in Folgoso del Caurel (Lugo, North-West Spain) which is hand split to an average thickness of 5 mm – 6 mm.

Its resistance and durability gives the surface a prestige and magnificence, guaranteeing a far longer service life. The reliability and beauty of CUPA PIZARRAS slate make it the ideal solution for architectural purposes.

There is no other building material with such a lifespan and guarantee

CUPA PIZARRAS extracts a wide range of natural slates from different quarries, available in varying shapes and sizes. Our wide range of products allows you to create functional designs in line with the aesthetics of the surroundings, blending with the local environment and remain unchanged over the years.

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danish national school of performing arts slate roof