6 steps to integrate THERMOSLATE on your natural slate roof

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THERMOSLATE  is the first and only natural slate solar thermal collector combining aesthetic architectural design with energy efficiency and almost zero maintenance.

It is seamlessly integrated into any façade or slate roof and produces energy for heating and DHW (domestic hot water).

THERMOSLATE provides the greatest energy efficiency with a maximum operating temperature of 95º, thanks to the properties of natural slate.

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With its modular concept, THERMOSLATE is so fast and easy to place on your natural slate roof that you can have it installed in just 3 hours!

How to integrate THERMOSLATE in 6 steps:

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CUPA PIZARRAS proudly presents a unique and innovative renewable energy solution that takes full advantage of natural slate incomparable qualities and performance.

This solar thermal system was designed to take advantage of renewable energies without giving up on natural elegance and contemporary architectural design.

This is the reason why THERMOSLATE has become the perfect solution for historic buildings and monuments restoring, as well as buildings and dwellings, with the aim of promoting the qualities and functionalities of the best natural product ever: CUPA PIZARRAS slate.

To find out how to install THERMOSLATE, don’t miss this video

For further information about our natural slate solar thermal collector, download the THERMOSLATE brochure