Heavy 3 slate results in no re-roofing in over 20 years

slate for roof heavy3

HEAVY 3 tiles naturally possess the density and resilience required to cope with the most volatile of weather conditions, and with an unrivalled thickness of 7.5mm this product’s quality and durability is unequivocal.

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HEAVY 3 slate was first extracted from the CUPA PIZARRAS Quarry Number Three near San de Pedro de Trones village, Northern Spain in 1892.  During these 125 years HEAVY 3 has earned its reputation as a reliable and versatile product.

Managing Director of CUPA PIZARRAS Eduardo Mera commented:

HEAVY 3 is one of our most sought after slates and it’s easy to see why.  Not only does this product measure in at an impressive 7.5mm thickness, HEAVY 3 also has a track record of 125 years’ success, further affirming its remarkable worth.

Slate characteristics depend on where it has been extracted – these vary according to which quarry it has come from, as well as the company producing it.  With such a long pedigree, CUPA PIZARRAS’ confidence in its products and its high standards of quality are further substantiated by its unwavering 100-years warranty. What’s more, since CUPA PIZARRAS slates entered the Scottish market in the early nineties there have been no HEAVY 3 slate re-roofing incidents.

HEAVY 3 possesses a breadth of aesthetic and practical advantages; medium-grained and blue-black in colour with occasional quartz grains detectable on the surface, it is visually appealing.  Also, as well as being impermeable, non-combustible, UV resistant and unaffected by chemicals and pollutants, HEAVY 3 is repellent to the growth of mould and fungi making it suitable for all environmental conditions.

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The product’s popularity has gained momentum in Scotland due to its close resemblance to the traditional highland slate from Ballachulish that is no longer produced.  This factor alone makes HEAVY 3 the primary choice for traditional Scottish slate roof replacements or repairs.

The benefits extend further still – significantly thicker than all of its competitors, HEAVY 3 provides maximum endurance against the high wind speeds and driving rain that is so common throughout Scotland and is therefore ideal for new-build roofing projects too.