THERMOSLATE – the solar system with a beautiful natural slate finish

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Producer and world leader of natural slate, CUPA PIZARRAS has a wide range of products, including the innovative roof solar system – Thermoslate.

The system is installed on a slate roof to convert sunlight to energy for central heating, hot water or pool heating.

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Edinburgh, 7st September 2016.

With climate change pushing the industry to adopt a more sustainable approach to architecture, Cupa Pizarras recognised the need for a roofing option that improves the energy efficiency of a building but also offers aesthetics to suit any architectural design. As leaders in natural slate, Cupa Pizarras was already familiar with the extraordinary properties and solar absorption of this material and so began a research and development initiative to develop what is now known as Thermoslate.

Thermoslate is a solar collector that generates renewable, clean and environmentally friendly energy. In fact, one of Cupa Pizarras’ recent customers was a family of five, whose roof had seven Thermoslate collectors installed on their home. Now, 76% of their heating, hot water and pool heating needs are covered by the collectors alone.

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The main component of the system uses natural slate sourced from a number of Cupa Pizarras’ quarries throughout Northwest Spain. It does not need any additional treatment, so artificial additives and chemicals can be avoided. Independent studies, such as one carried out by the Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE, University of Bath), have also highlighted natural slate as the material with least negative effects on the environment.

Unlike solar panels, which often dominate the design of a roof, the Thermoslate solar collectors are completely undetectable once installation is complete. Furthermore, natural slate has a lifespan of up to 150 years and is a very durable material. As such, practically no maintenance is required.

Oscar Caride, Thermoslate Project Manager at Cupa Pizarras, commented on the benefits of Thermoslate, saying

We are proud to bring this well-established product to the UK market. The inspiration came from regulations in 2006: Spain introduced the requirement to install solar thermal collectors in all new buildings and roof refurbishments. Combining this with our natural slate tiles offers our customers a high level of efficiency and substantial reductions in their energy bills.

Julian Gómez, Director of Marketing at Cupa Pizarras, added

Thermoslate meets both design and environmental requirements. With completely invisible solar collectors, Thermoslate maintains the timeless appearance and resilience of a natural slate roof. By producing energy from the sunlight, the Thermoslate system couples energy efficiency with an elegant design.