Not all natural slates are the same. Besides its beautiful appearance, Heavy 3 can last over a hundred years, making it a very cost-effective roofing material!

Heavy 3: A Roof for Life

Its extra thickness of 7-8 mm gives it the perfect strength to withstand any weather conditions while boosting the value of any property.

heavy 3 roofing slate

A poor quality roof needs constant repair and maintenance, but when good quality slate is used, not only the cost of re-roofing can be effectively discounted, but the repair and maintenance expenses during its lifetime are extremely low.

Hence the use of Heavy 3 slate results in very low whole life cost.

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Why choose Heavy 3

These reasons will definitely help you choose the perfect roofing slate:

A true Heavy

Produced at an extra thickness suited for inclement weather.

icon no re-roofing

No re-roofing

No cases of Heavy 3 roofs being replaced or repaired.

Reputation confirmed

More than 125 years of production.

Peace of mind

100 years warranty on Heavy 3 slates.

The value of Heavy 3 lies in its properties

Heavy 3 is more cost effective than concrete or ceramic tiles, which typically last approximately 50 years.

Impermeable to water

Its extra thickness gives it strength to combat dampness, high wind speeds and driving rains.

Weather and UV resistant

Unchanged properties over time without the
need for maintenance.

Chemical resistant

Not affected by chemicals or pollutants (acid or alkali) exterior.

a house with heavy 3 slate roof
slate roof heavy3

Other characteristics of slate, such as strength and impermeability, are also superior to those of concrete and ceramics.

Heavy 3 slate is quarried from the CUPA PIZARRAS No 3 quarry in San Pedro de Trones (León) in northern Spain. This quarry has been in operation since 1892 and produces around 25,000 tons each year!

Not damaged

By fungi, moss, insects, animals or birds.


While weighing substantially less than man-made roofing tiles.


Natural slate is a material that does not ignite.

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heavy 3 slate brochure

Heavy 3 Brochure

For further details about Heavy 3 slate, please download our product brochure.

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