Villa P becomes CUPA PIZARRAS follower’s favorite project

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After more than two weeks of an intense voting process on our Instagram stories, we have the #CUPApizarrasFinals winner. The innovative Danish house Villa P has defeated the iconic Metrópolis building of Madrid in the final match.

Since the beginning of the tournament, CUPA PIZARRAS followers made it clear that Villa P was one of the favorites to lift the trophy, and this trend was confirmed in the final.

For two weeks, the participating projects have received more than 2,500 votes and we have been witnesses to some surprises. The 32 chosen projects have been able to measure forces in the knockout rounds, where the followers voted their favorite through our Instagram account.

The name of this Villa P comes from the bearing outer wall where the steep angle of the roof and the horizontal floor separation create a movement that folds resembling the letter P. Slate flows from the gable roof to the lateral façade, where we can appreciate the role of CUPACLAD.

Villa P - Denmark

Its elegant Nordic style, the natural surroundings and the amazing views towards the harbour of Fredericia have captivated the public.

The well-known dome “Pompier style” of the Metrópolis building in Madrid finished on the threshold of victory. Renovated with CUPA 5 natural slate, it’s illuminated with more than 200 spotlights and is one of the iconic sights of the Spanish capital. Nevertheless, few expected such a good performance before the competition started.

Metropolis Building in Madrid

The Belgian castle of Ordingen completes the podium at third place. Originally built in the 12th century for the Ordingen’s family, it has been reconstructed and restored on multiple occasions. The last one was in 2011 and our CUPA 4 natural slate was installed on the roofs of the monument.

Castle Ordingen

We want to thank all the participants and people who voted to choose the best project featuring CUPA PIZARRAS’ products. We hope you have had a good time supporting your favorite buildings!

Last but not least, we want to congratulate all the projects of the tournament and also the projects which have not participated. It has been a tough decision, but there will be more opportunities!