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CUPACLAD Design opens a whole world of possibilities for the design of natural slate rainscreen cladding systems: new shapes, different combinations of materials … Find out a brand new proposal every month! WHAT IS CUPACLAD DESIGN? It is an innovative concept based on a complete series of infographics trying to turn contemporary architecture upside down. […]
THERMOSLATE  is the first and only natural slate solar thermal collector combining aesthetic architectural design with energy efficiency and almost zero maintenance. It is seamlessly integrated into any façade or slate roof and produces energy for heating and DHW (domestic hot water). THERMOSLATE provides the greatest energy efficiency with a maximum operating temperature of 95º, […]
This unique football arena, located outside Budapest, was named after Hungary’s football legend Ferenc Puskás, who was nicknamed “Pancho” at Real Madrid. The stadium, which has a capacity of 3,500, was designed by acknowledged Hungarian architect Imre Makovetz (1935-2011) who is known as one of the most prominent proponents of organic architecture ( a movement grown in the […]
LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting professionals to exchange trends, inspirations, and developments in architecture. It is the most important business social network with more than 33 million users in the UK. Therefore, being present on LinkedIn is a must for architects! Why should you start using linkedin right now? LinkedIn lies right at […]

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Have you ever considered a roof solar installation? Whether you are trying to reduce your energy bills or aiming to have an eco-friendly home, the solar thermal power is a great solution for you! Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s energy, rather than fossil fuels, to generate low-cost, environmentally friendly thermal energy. This energy is […]
For some years now, green building has become one of the most trending topics in architecture and construction specialized media. Nowadays, rehabilitation and energy efficiency seem to be the new engines of construction industry and there are many signs that indicate that this reality is getting closer. What architectural trends set According to the last […]
Natural slate is a classic but at the same time contemporary material. For many centuries it has been used in many and different kinds of constructions and buildings. The slate roof tiles tradition is higher in those areas where natural quarries were originally, such as Spain, England, Wales, France and Portugal. Actually, most slate in Europe comes […]
CUPA 98 natural slate is the most beautiful, longest lasting and durable roofing product for a family home in Livingstone (Dallas, USA). This dark grey slate with a riven surface, can last for more than a century, giving you a long lasting roof.

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