Natural slate

3 Trendy home design ideas using slate

slate in modern architecture

There are many materials used today when building or renovating a home, but one of the most requested materials by homeowners is natural slate.

Natural slate is sustainable, versatile, elegant, and able to be used both for roofing or cladding. Other materials may come and go in popularity, but slate has an everlasting appeal that adds real value to any property.

These three contemporary home design ideas using slate will help you see the many ways you can use it for your next project.

  1. Natural slate for roofing: a stylish essential

    The number one requested roofing solution on the lists of most valued by homebuyers is natural slate. It instantly increases the value of the home it is installed in thanks to its unmatchable style and long-wearing durability.

    modern houses with slate roof

    There is no other material for roofing such us slate. If thinking of a chic and long term roof with no maintenance, roofing slates are the best option.

  2. Slate cladding: sustainability, elegance and design

    There are a number of ways that you can finish the facade of a home. Using natural slate adds texture and interest to the home in a way that any other cladding solution just can’t do.

    But if you combine the unique style of slate with the efficiency of a rainscreen cladding system, you get a competitive, sustainable and elegant solution adapted to any architectural design.

    The possibilities of CUPACLAD are nearly endless, an incredible way of enhancing the look and efficiency of your home. Take a look!

    3 houses with slate cladding

  3. Invisible solar thermal roofing in natural slate: what a great idea!

    While there are many other solar thermal solutions on the market today, THERMOSLATE® still gets the biggest return on investment without giving up a stylish appearance.

    The best way to convert sunlight to energy to produce heating, hot water or for pool heating without those unsightly solar panels on your roof.

    slate solar panel

Natural slate can complement any design style from contemporary to traditional, and have a long-lasting appeal meaning that they are unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

These three home design ideas using natural slate are only the beginning of what’s possible. Make slate your first choice for your next project to gain the many benefits it brings!