Slate cladding: the perfect solution for architecture

Nothing affects the appearance of a building more dramatically than the exterior wall cladding. Slate cladding is the perfect solution for covering both exterior and interior walls. The natural properties of this outstanding material make it one of the best cladding systems in the market.

Contemporary architects consider natural slate an optimal material for a building façade. The number of architects choosing this stone to create sustainable façades around the world is increasing rapidly. Thanks to its high performance, its low maintenance and durability, slate wall cladding has become a stand-out element in modern design.

slate facade cladding

The key properties of slate are its high durability, fire resistance performance (A1) and low water absorption. Compared to other cladding solutions such as metal, brick or vinyl, a slate façade not only looks more elegant and sophisticated, but is also more sustainable.

Even taking into account different natural materials such as ceramic or wood, slate is also more resistant and long-lasting. Once installed, it can last more than a hundred years, avoiding costly repairs and even allowing its reuse in other projects.

Slate, a natural and ecological material

Thanks to its natural properties, slate is only submitted to the processes of extraction and shaping. It requires no additional treatment, substantially reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

If we compare natural slate to other materials, its results in terms of air pollution, water and energy consumption, are the lowest, even to terracotta, zinc and fibre cement. Slate cladding has a lower environmental impact and carbon footprint than other man made alternatives.

slate cladding in interior and exterior

Uses of slate cladding

Slate has been used for centuries as wall covering with great results. As this is a natural product, each stone has unique properties and performance. But thanks to its wide range of shapes and sizes, most architects and homeowners consider slate as a winner between every natural material.

Natural slate cladding enriches the appeal of any building while affording more lasting and reliable protection than any other alternative. Architects recognize the value of slate for its unfading and weathering colors, ‘on-the-grain’ fabrication, durability and high quality standards.

slate cladding

Leading the world in slate production since 1892, CUPA PIZARRAS develops new and more efficient construction solutions that promote the use of natural products, such as CUPACLAD, an innovative rainscreen cladding system with natural slate.

CUPACLAD makes possible the installation of natural slate wall panels with horizontal orientation, offering new design possibilities for contemporary architecture.

These façade systems are lightweight, easy to install and help to create a modern building appearance. In new construction and renovation works, CUPACLAD exterior wall cladding systems can be adapted to any architectural design.

house with slate cladding

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