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Top 10 most-liked architecture posts of 2017

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As 2017 draws to a close, we have looked back at our blog to highlight our top 10 most popular posts of the year.

Check out the most well-liked CUPA PIZARRAS’ articles of 2017!


  1. Tips for roof cleaning

    Although we tend to forget about it, the roof is an essential part of the house. When properly maintained, the roof is more resistant to external aggressions, more beautiful and more efficient against water infiltrations. Therefore, regular maintenance and roof cleaning are absolutely necessary in order to prevent roof degradation.

    These tips can be very useful for you to keep your roof in the best possible conditions!


  2. CUPA PIZARRAS: 125 years of unmatched high quality

    It has been 125 years since the founders of CUPA PIZARRAS extracted the first slate from the Solana de Forcadas quarry in Northern Spain. This significant milestone is unrivalled by competitors in the slate industry and reinforces the company’s position in the market.

    Our history is marked by our commitment to quality. Don’t miss it!

  3. Gorgeous slate-clad Passive House for a sustainable future

    A revolutionary dwelling designed to become a net zero energy home cladded in natural slate. Get to know how could you be saving energy and money…

    pasive house with natural materials

  4. The 3 main benefits of a good roof insulation

    Did you know that the roof is responsible for more than 35% of the heat losses of a house? So, insulating your slate roof is one of the best investments to consider when trying to improve your home efficiency…

    Find here all you need to know about insulating your slate roof!

  5. Refurbishment: how to choose the best solutions

    Are you thinking of refurbishing your home? Then do not miss these tips to improve your efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

  6. Renowned Zaha Hadid project featuring CUPA PIZARRAS slate

    The city of Antwerp (Belgium) can now boast about having such an emblematic building by architect Zaha Hadid! The spectacular “Havenhuis” dominates the port and reinforces the dynamic image of the city.

    Find more about one of the most ambitious designs proposed by this British-Iraqi architect.

    port house zaha hadid

  7. Do I need slate roof vents?

    Few things are more misunderstood about the home than roof ventilation. A proper roof ventilation may help reduce many of the costs and dangers attributed to winter weather. Even in summer: without proper ventilation, heat can rise into the attic and cause moisture build up.

    Get to understand here why you need roof vents.

  8. 10 types of roofs you didn’t know

    Choosing a roof shape is more difficult than it seems. There are many different roof types and they all have unique properties. Learn here about the basic types of roofs…

    types of roofs

  9. How to install a rainscreen cladding system step by step

    Two videos to explain how to install a rainscreen cladding system in natural slate. Easy, quick and stylish!

  10. The 5 coolest buildings covered in natural slate every architect should know

    Natural slate is a product with unmatchable technical properties, always providing considerable added value. Its inimitable textures have inspired architects worldwide to create unique projects in which natural slate stands out on its own, giving an inimitable, timeless and unchanging appearance.

    These are the best 5 buildings cladded in natural slate ever! Don’t miss them.

    mining housing building with slate cladding

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