How does Readyslate make real slate roofing, real simple?

For homeowners and many in the roofing industry alike, slate carries a stigma of complexity, difficulty, and fragility. Because of this, many are leery of considering slate when searching for a new roofing product.

readyslate roof

Readyslate is an innovative system to address many of these concerns while still showcasing the unique beauty of real slate, along with its numerous advantages. When combining this with the natural longevity of the product, Readyslate becomes a premier choice when searching for an elegant looking roof that will last.

Roofing contractors who are not familiar with traditionally installed slate are often apprehensive to install the product due to the labor-intensive nature and skill required for installation.

With Readyslate, these concerns become a thing of the past. So, what makes it such a simple, easy, and high-quality roofing system?


With Readyslate, simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand, empowering contractors to tackle roofing projects with ease and confidence. The product is even walkable during installation, making the process both easier and quicker.

Additionally, if for any reason a broken piece needs to be replaced, the process is both quick and simple and it only requires the replacement of the single broken piece, not the entire panel.

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Easy by design

Readyslate has been specifically designed to ensure that proper installation is both fast and easy. Its panels are composed of 6 high quality, hand-quarried, pieces of real slate mounted on a SBS waterproof backer.

It has been conceived to target homes built to standard residential framing codes which usually do not meet the weight requirements of other roofing products such as concrete or clay tile, and to eliminate many of the roadblocks associated with these products.

readyslate roofing system

Guaranteed quality

Readyslate panels are made using real slate sourced from the finest quarries in the world. It has been approved for high-velocity hurricane zones by the State of Florida, certified as a Class 4 Impact Resistant rated product and has a Class A certified installation method – the highest certification for roof covering against fire.

What sets Readyslate apart is not just its exceptional quality, but also bearing the label of the world leader in the field: CUPA PIZARRAS.

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