Since seeing our slate being processed, CUPA 12 becomes architect’s go-to choice

Heworth House was designed in 1865 by the architect George Fowler Jones. More than a century and a half later, another architect, Matthew Groom, has led the renovation of the building, including his trusted roofing choice: our CUPA 12 natural slate.

Heworth house Brierley Groom architects

Brierley Groom Architects was founded in 1750, making it one of the oldest cabinets not only in the UK but also in the world. When we invited Matthew Groom to visit our quarries in North Spain, as part of our support process, he feel in love with our products. As Mathew explains:

We consulted with the team at CUPA PIZARRAS who provided us with samples of a suitable slate. It was important to respect the character of the building, and with CUPA R12 Excellence, we were able to achieve this.

heworth house with cupa 12

This building was originally built as the Heworth Rectory but is has had many purposes as a day nursery, offices, and a health clinic. Recently, it was bought by Flanstead Ltd (managed by Integra Property Management), which planned to convert it into six high-quality apartments.

Debbie Terry, from Integra Property Management, comments:

Throughout the planning process, we became more aware of sustainability and what was practical for this development. CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate roof has met our brief perfectly. We’re delighted with the level of workmanship and the aesthetic appearance of the roof.

Heworth conservation area

As it is nested within the Heworth conservation area, the aim to preserve the distinctive environment play a pivotal role during the whole design and construction process.

Brierley Groom Architects’ thoughtful project approach maximizes the utilisation of the existing structure while preserving the integrity of the natural, built, and historical surroundings.

Choosing CUPA 12 natural slate for the roof means choosing a product which has been verified as BRE Global and it is listed in the Green Book Live Database because of its sustainability credentials.

Heworth house

However, CUPA 12 is much more than a sustainable product. It has earned the trust of the most demanding stakeholders in the UK thanks to more than 30 years of unbeatable performance and quality.

Michael Breen of MB Roofing installed this roof and says:

This was a large roofing project with a lot of details for us to work with. The spire was particularly challenging, but CUPA 12 was easy to install. We use CUPA PIZARRAS Spanish slate all the time and really like the finished look of the slates.

renovated slate roof with cupa 12

Whether you’re an architect envisioning your next project, a roofing contractor seeking quality solutions, or an individual looking to refurbish your home, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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