Slate roofs: features and benefits of the best roofing material

Whether you’re considering building a new home or undergoing a renovation, the choice of roofing material goes beyond mere aesthetics. Here, we explain why natural slate is the best option for you.
roof slate

Features of slate roofs

Features are the qualities inherent to a product simply by virtue of its existence. Why is natural slate the best possible material for roofs?

  • Aesthetic: Natural slate is formed through geological processes that span millions of years. It is impossible to replicate this process artificially, rendering the touch of elegance and sophistication of natural slate unparalleled.
  • Performance: natural slate is waterproof, freeze-resistant, impact-resistant, and fireproof. Its resilience to weather elements makes it the perfect choice for covering a house wherever the location..
  • Durability: natural slate is a metamorphic rock that maintains its aesthetic and functional properties unaltered over time. Its resistance is unmatched among other roofing alternatives.
  • Sustainability: natural slate is a rock created by nature, with an extraction and transformation process that is highly efficient. The process minimises environmental impact, resulting in a minimal ecological footprint.

slate roof

Advantages of having a natural slate roof

Advantages are the positive aspects derived from the intrinsic characteristics of natural slate. What benefits does having a roof made of this material bring to you?

  • Low maintenance: unlike other roofing materials, natural slate requires minimal maintenance. Forget about constant inspections, repairs and unexpected expenses.
  • Lifespan: once installed, natural slate can last on your roof for over a hundred years. This translates into significant long-term savings.
  • Adaptability: natural slate complements all architectural styles, from the most classical designs to modern creations. Additionally, it can be installed on both the roof and the facade.
  • Resistance: natural slate withstands rain, snow, and fire. It can be installed in a wide range of climates, always delivering exceptional performance.

house with slate roof and facade

Then, why choose CUPA PIZARRAS?

Now that we know natural slate is the best material for your roof, what makes CUPA PIZARRAS unique?

  • Producers: We extract natural slate from our 20 quarries in northwest Spain and transform it in our 24 processing plants. The control of the entire production chain ensures the quality of all our products.
  • 130 years of leadership: our oldest quarry has been operating since 1892. Throughout all these years, we have produced natural slate for thousands of projects worldwide, leading in all the markets where we operate.
  • Guaranteed excellence: all our pallets of natural slate meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability in all the countries where we operate. Moreover, we are a carbon-neutral company and hold the gold medal from Ecovadis.
  • Personalised attention: we have the largest team of natural slate experts available in the field and at any stage of the process, along with technical documents, warranties, and support.

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dudas icono Do you still need more reasons to go for a natural slate roof? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to answer your questions and assist you at every step of the process