Tree Top Hideaway, Angers (France)

Angers, France
Anais Bordeau Architecte

Near Angers (France), an original and contemporary architectural creation captures the essence of the tree surrounding it, serving as a remarkable physical metaphor. This exceptional design embodies harmony, perfectly adapted to its natural setting, creating a spectacular combination where elegance and functionality results in breath taking fusion.

Architect Anaïs Bordeau, specialist in wooden constructions, was chosen for this project. In collaboration with the client, the design of the house aims to be contemporary yet suited to its environment.

The property is situated in a small village on the banks of the Mayenne River, where all construction projects are subject to approval by the Architects of the Buildings of France (ABF). Their mission is to ensure consistency with heritage preservation and spatial planning.

Private house Angers Anais Bordeau architect
private house slate facade

To comply with the ABF regulations and the contemporary approach, the architect proposed a bold combination of vertical wooden cladding and the CUPACLAD Design Waterfall solution, featuring graphic lines that reach elegantly towards the sky.

This design is unique, as it is the only CUPACLAD design where natural slates are installed vertically instead of horizontally. According to the architect, the Waterfall aesthetics are reminiscent of the verticality of trees and evoke their ascent towards the sky. 

Anaïs Bordeau explains: wood ages better standing, the tree grows standing. The vertical installation of the slate is a nod to the wood.” To meet the desire for a modern creation, the architect adds, “the irregular installation adds dynamism and renders the material contemporary.”

The client, initially skeptical about using slate on the facade, was immediately convinced by the renders presented. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, CUPACLAD offers acoustic and thermal advantages that appealed to the owner.

In a more general sense and in line with this project, the architect emphasises: “the idea of my work is to guide clients toward constructions on well-thought-out and controlled surfaces that make sense in relation to the environment; the chosen materials are natural and noble.

The installation of Waterfall was a first in France and worldwide. Nevertheless, like all CUPACLAD systems, it fulfills all national technical requirements.

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private house france


The hypnotic yet random design of the slate formats can add modern touch to any façade.


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