Veerman Residence, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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Building a home for today that can last for a century

Brett and Lori Veerman wanted their new Wisconsin home to reflect the state’s vibrant outdoor life and to last for generations. Located in Waunakee, just outside of Madison, the Veerman’s residence needed to present a modern mountain feel both inside and out.

The Veermans explored their cladding options, looking for the right textures and tones by leafing through Mountain Living Magazine. They knew the right product had to be interesting — not something anyone else in the Madison area was using. It also had to be nearly maintenance-free, a major goal in this home’s construction.

veerman residence in Wisconsin
veerman house slate cladding

The Veermans’ architect introduced them to CUPACLAD natural slate. “It was definitely a new product for the area,” Brett said. “We thought that made it more interesting.”

Not only did CUPACLAD slate cladding system offer the earthy natural look the Veermans aimed for, but it could also withstand Wisconsin’s wide weather swings. In an intense freeze-thaw environment like Madison, the slate’s low water porosity would add continuous exterior insulation to the home, creating great R-value and thermal performance. Even better, the natural siding would keep its color and sheen for a century or more without needing to be cleaned or painted. CUPACLAD’s affordable price tag sealed the deal.

After Brett and Lori decided on CUPACLAD for their home’s exterior, the architect made a bold suggestion: Why not bring the product inside?

The master bedroom’s fireplace seemed like the logical place to install CUPACLAD inside the home. Its plain drywall offered nothing unique, and fashioning it with CUPACLAD allowed the Veermans to realize their vision of bringing the outdoors indoors. The result? A seamless flow from the exterior through the home’s many windows to its slate-enhanced interior. “We think it looks pretty cool,” Brett said.

Since no one in the Madison area had worked with the CUPACLAD system, the Veermans and their architect invested time in finding Victory Stone Builders, a company willing to take on the challenge.

slate fireplace
veerman residence in Madison Wisconsin

Installing and even cutting the slate proved easier than expected, and the stainless steel clips that hold the CUPACLAD 201 Vanguard system in place added extra features and texture to the home’s exterior. The juxtaposition of the earthy gray slate with Knotwood cladding, the other exterior finish the Veermans chose, helped their home make the Madison Area Parade of Homes in 2023.

The Veerman residence provided a spectacular example of modern design in the Midwest, proving that natural products can withstand even intense weather conditions while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

slate wall


CUPACLAD 201 used visible fixings associating natural slate with steel resulting in sustainable cladding with a modern touch.


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