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The useful life of natural slate can exceed 100 years, but what about its appearance? According to laboratory tests, it is as if time stands still for natural slate: its colour and shine remain unchanged even under the most adverse climatic conditions, which its roofing alternatives such as ceramic and concrete cannot match. The Romans […]
Architecture design is always a hot topic and there are some great people twittering about the latest trends in home building and decoration. Check out these architecture twitter accounts we think you need to follow in 2022 to stay updated. 1. Home Adore (+2.2M followers) – @HomeAdore An online publication specialized in architecture and interior […]
Dr. Víctor Cárdenes Van den Eynde Geologist and roofing slate independent consultant
Everyone who has ever visited Japan agrees on one thing; it is another world. Its culture, history and society are so different from Europe that visitors feel like they are on another planet. Everything, from simple everyday details to society itself, is different. This also applies to traditional Japanese architecture, which uses light, flexible materials. […]
When choosing natural slate you are opting for the best roofing material: long service life, quality, ecology and beauty. But are all the slates the same? Where can you find the best ones? What is Spanish slate? Spanish slate is a foliated, metamorphic rock created from fine-grained sediments over the course of millions of years. […]

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Dr. Víctor Cárdenes Van den Eynde Geologist and roofing slate independent consultant
For a while now that I hear more and more people asking about the asbestos content of roofing slate. There are two ways to give an answer to this concern, the short one and the long one. First, the short one: Roofing slates do not have asbestos, it is mineralogically, chemically and geologically impossible. In […]
The latest addition to our wide range of natural slates is now on the market for you to buy. UK customers can now purchase the new CUPA 50, a deep grey slate coming from Northern Spain with all the benefits that buying the world leader in slate offers. The  launch is part of a broader […]
Dr. Víctor Cárdenes Van den Eynde Geologist and roofing slate independent consultant
Bending Strength, also known as Flexural Strength, Breaking Load or Modulus of Rupture, is one of the main properties of roofing slates. This test is found in the four roofing slate standards: European EN 12326, USA ASTM C406, Chinese GB/T 18600 and Indian IS 6250. Together with the water absorption test and sulphur atmosphere exposure, […]
When choosing a roofing company, you should consider your choice very carefully. It is a hard task but spending some time looking for a competent roofer will be worth it. Hiring a good reputable roofer is the best way to reduce potential roofing problems. All roofing contractors are not alike! Finding a competent roofer for […]

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