Costa Street, London

Peckham, London (UK)
Taylor Maxwell

Peckham is a trendy district of south London undergoing a transformation process that includes some contemporary renovation housing projects. One of the most striking operations was carried on this housing block, which has turned into a landmark at the corner of Costa Street.

The appealing building is clearly divided in two: the lower half finished in brick, a traditional touch integrating into the urban landscape, and the upper half natural slate for a striking finale. The top half was designed as a contemporary mansard, to create the illusion that it is falling.

To make this innovative concept a reality, the designers chose CUPACLAD 101 Logic. The natural slate rainscreen cladding system matched with the technical requirements and its elegant appearance won over the hearts of the architects.

costa street project at London
cupaclad in Costa Street (London)

We have used slate here to do things that brick just could not do. The brick components of the building weigh about 150 kg per square meter, whereas the slate comes in at just under 40 kg per square meter. By using lightweight slate, we have been able to create the leaning effect we desired with an incredibly robust building material”, explains Antony Hoete, Director of WHAT_Architecture.

The efficiency of the ventilated façade was a key element that influenced the decision. “Furthermore, the metal-bracketed CUPACLAD system allowed us to hide the services behind the cladding and also reinforced our idea of connecting the contemporary with the traditional

CUPA PIZARRAS engineers have designed the system to ensure a smooth installation without needing specialised skills. “CUPACLAD is a modern and easy-to-install system. We chose the CUPACLAD 101 Logic as its design layout also reflects that of the brick base, without actually using brick,” says Diana Kulacka, Project Architect from WHAT_Architecture.

The natural slate used in the CUPACLAD systems has been carefully selected to meet all the technical requirements to ensure an exceptional performance. Created by nature for thousands of years, there are no two slates alike but all will provide a homogenous finish.

CUPACLAD Logic offers a traditional material on a modern frame. The rainscreen cladding was fixed using an aluminium system, which requires almost no maintenance and reduces installation time. The attached video showcases the ease of the process even in a 72-degree angle.

Once installed, CUPACLAD is extremely resistant against structural movements and it’s prepared to resist the most extreme weather, as has been proved over the numerous certifications achieved, such as BBA or CSTB.

When approached to help find a solution for Costa Street, we started by undertaking a site visit and survey to ensure we absolutely understood the architect’s vision and how to make it a working reality with slate”, expounds Terry Collins, Specification Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS.

It’s incredibly important to us to have a close and collaborative process, as this helps to ensure the finished project is exactly as desired. Helping us to achieve this is our London Display at the Building Centre, which is a valuable space where architects can view the materials and talk to our experienced team”, claims Terry Collins.

CUPACLAD is distributed in the United Kingdom by Taylor Maxwell. “Adding CUPACLAD to our range is a great opportunity for us to provide our customers with a natural and sustainable façade option for their projects”, says Robbie Thompson, Marketing & Business Development Director at Taylor Maxwell.

slate cladding in London


The CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding system gives any facade balance, combines ideally with other materials and flaunts natural slate’s texture and sheen.


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More than 250 roofs are installed per day around the world with our slate.

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