Market House, USA

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Iowa City (USA)
1,500 m2
Neumann Monson Architects
McComas Lacina Construction

At the junction of two well-known streets in Iowa City, this high-end building is part of a new neighbourhood revitalisation plan. A new commercial area, full of shops and restaurants, which has led to the re-emergence of this historic district.

The neighbourhood, which is steeped in familiarity and a long history, has many buildings primarily clad in brick. Our strategy consisted of creating a five-story building, that blended in with these surrounding brick buildings, but also had a visual and textural identity of its own”, explained Nick Lindsley of Neumann Monson Architects.

Fourteen modern residential units perfectly sized for young professionals and families, an underground parking and even a rooftop terrace are some of the facilities this new building offers. For the façade, the designers chose an original combination of materials where the natural slate shines by itself.

market house Iowa

After some research, the design team decided to use CUPACLAD 101 Logic, a simple and balanced designed made up of 40×20 cm natural slates installed horizontally.

We were really impressed. We liked its colorations, which seemed to be very consistent, its natural texture, and of course the fact that this product of nature needs little or no maintenance… and is extremely resistant to extreme climate change”, said Nick Lindsley.

CUPACLAD natural slate rainscreen cladding system have been designed to achieve an exceptional performance. All the slate pieces have been selected by hand for their flatness and the structure allows a lighter and more resistant façade.

CUPA PIZARRAS team of experts is always available during the whole process, from conception to on-site installation and technical support. McComas Lacina Construction were pleasantly surprised with the easiness of working with the product.

People walking down the pedestrian streets can now enjoy the beautiful new building, which blends in perfectly with the modern urban landscape that surrounds it.

Ross Nusser, Co-owner and developer of Market House added: “there’s much history here on the Northside of town, but in ways it’s become a forgotten part of town. Our dream was to offer a place for people to gather and rediscover all the amazing things located here.”

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The CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding system gives any facade balance, combines ideally with other materials and flaunts natural slate’s texture and sheen.


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More than 250 roofs are installed per day around the world with our slate.

Natural slate CUPA PIZARRAS has been highly valued by architects and has been selected for important projects within many cultural and historic buildings of interest, modern architecture or the construction or renovation of traditional housing.

If you have any questions, our experienced team on slate is at your disposal.