Dollis Hill, UK

Dollis Hill, London
Talina Builders
Taylor Maxwell

This impressive residential property in London has been designed to feel like an escape from the city. Our CUPACLAD 201 Vanguard natural slate rainscreen is a breath of fresh air, combining smoothly with other materials to create a high-end exterior finish.

The manufacturer knew from the beginning that a natural slate façade would give the illusion of a peaceful woodland setting. Both on the main façade and on the back of the house, the natural slate blends perfectly with the surroundings.

The project team visited Taylor Maxwell’s London Bridge showroom to discuss options. As soon as they discovered the Vanguard system along with the technical advice and support available from CUPA PIZARRAS, the decision was made.

Dollis Hill London
rainscreen cladding slate London UK

On a project like this, the CUPACLAD team can be involved as much, or as little, as the project teams demands”, explained David Cooke, CUPACLAD Business Development Manager in the UK. Our team of experts is at your disposal to offer support from conception to completion.

It is encouraged that architects and contractors get in touch as early ase possible, as in the case of Dollis Hill, to ensure a meticulous finish”, insisted David Cooke.

In this project, CUPA PIZARRAS worked closely in the ground with the project team. The bespoke design demanded special natural slates to adjust windows, vents and corners. Every detail was taken into account to ensure a fast installation and to reduce waste of material.

The product looks fantastic in-situ on this project”, said Tom Ward, Cladding Product Advisor at Taylor Maxwell. “The dark grey slate rainscreen cladding provides a striking colour contrast with the refurbished light brown timber fencing and complements the property’s black aluminium windows and glazing”, assured.

The CUPACLAD 201 Vanguard was the choice for the project, installed with aluminium profiles and creating an efficient and sustainable rainscreen cladding. This system – fully BBA approved– has been designed to meet the highest technical requirements.

What makes Vanguard stand out from the other CUPACLAD systems is the visible fixing, assured thanks to patented clips designed to offer a clean and stylish appearance. The elegance of this family home is enhanced by tan attractive pinstripe effect.

cupaclad house London

Natural slate is a great cladding product. Not only is it easy to install, but, as it’s natural, you don’t have to handle cost sheets for working with a dangerous material,” commented Ronan Glynn, developer at Talina Builders.

We carry out a lot of demolition and see a lot of old building products go to waste; so it’s also reassuring that slate offers such longevity and when it might eventually be sent to landfill, you know it will not harm the environment”, explained.

In addition to its durability, the natural slate production process is only submitted to extraction and shaping, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The whole lifecycle of the product is sustainable friendly, making natural slate an ideal choice for contemporary architecture.

Dollis Hill London uk


The 201 VANGUARD rainscreen cladding system stands out due to its stainless steel clips, which are slightly visible at the bottom, contrasting with our natural slate. 


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More than 250 roofs are installed per day around the world with our slate.

Natural slate CUPA PIZARRAS has been highly valued by architects and has been selected for important projects within many cultural and historic buildings of interest, modern architecture or the construction or renovation of traditional housing.

If you have any questions, our experienced team on slate is at your disposal.