Island Wall - UK

Whitstable, Kent (UK)
Kapra Developments
Bates (Kent)

CUPA PIZARRAS’ CUPA 18 natural slate has been used to achieve a high-quality finish on three luxury, modern, new build properties in one of the most desirable areas of Whitstable in Kent.

The new properties, built by local property designer and developer specialist Kapra Developments, are located in Island Wall, Whitstable, close to both the town centre and the scenic Kent coastline. The three storey, five bedroom luxury properties are each in excess of 360 square metres and benefit from views over the nearby golf course.

The unique design of the houses features extensive use of dark grey aluminium glazing systems including rooftop lanterns and large sloping roof windows. The placement of the expansive glazing as well as the layout and orientation of the buildings was devised to maximize the natural light and make the most of the surrounding landscape

whitstable in kent island wall
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In addition to the CUPA 18 natural slate, the design also includes high quality natural timber cladding, sedum green roofing and natural stone blockwork.

Kim Brown, Director at Kapra Developments explained:

“For the properties on Island Wall, the quality of the materials was very important and the coastal location meant that a durable product was essential. We had used CUPA PIZARRAS’ products on previous projects and so we were confident that the CUPA 18 slate would provide the look, quality and longevity we wanted.”

CUPA 18 is a lighter grey slate with a smooth matt surface and has a superior, homogenous finish with only minor variations allowed in the thickness and flatness of the slate. The slate roofs were installed by Bates (Kent), a family owned contractor based near Canterbury, who has worked with Kapra Developments on a number of previous projects.

David Clarke, Company Secretary at Bates said:

The Island Wall properties presented a few complexities and challenges due to the steep pitch of the roof and the need to integrate the slate with the other elements such as the large format glazing.

We’ve used CUPA products on a number of contracts and found the slates very easy to work with. The strength and quality of the slates means that we are able to reduce the amount of wastage compared with other products.

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natural slate roofing uk

Kim Brown concluded:

To achieve the intended result for these properties has required hard work from everyone involved. We are once again delighted with CUPA PIZARRAS’ products and are pleased with how that element of the build has progressed.

CUPA PIZARRAS’ natural slate is sustainably extracted from quarries in northern Spain. It has an exceptional life span of 100 years and requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime.

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Non-carbonated slate formed by tectonic compression. Grey slate with a smooth matt surface.


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More than 250 roofs are installed per day around the world with our slate.

Natural slate CUPA PIZARRAS has been highly valued by architects and has been selected for important projects within many cultural and historic buildings of interest, modern architecture or the construction or renovation of traditional housing.

If you have any questions, our experienced team on slate is at your disposal.